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Contact Information

Name & Title Phone Number Email Office
Kevin Shunn, Department Chair 678-839-6521 kshunn@westga.edu  Office: Humanities 321
Clint Samples, Assistant Chair 678-839-4949 csamples@westga.edu  Office: Humanities 326
Jeff Hammack, Department Associate 678-839-6521 jhammack@westga.edu  Office: Humanities 322
Caitlyn Weathers, Office Assistant 678-839-6521 cweather@westga.edu  Office: Humanities 322
  • Name & Title: Kevin Shunn, Department Chair
    Phone Number: 678-839-6521
    Email: kshunn@westga.edu
    Office:  Office: Humanities 321

  • Name & Title: Clint Samples, Assistant Chair
    Phone Number: 678-839-4949
    Email: csamples@westga.edu
    Office:  Office: Humanities 326

  • Name & Title: Jeff Hammack, Department Associate
    Phone Number: 678-839-6521
    Email: jhammack@westga.edu
    Office:  Office: Humanities 322

  • Name & Title: Caitlyn Weathers, Office Assistant
    Phone Number: 678-839-6521
    Email: cweather@westga.edu
    Office:  Office: Humanities 322

Facilities & Location

The Department of Art is housed in two locations: The Humanities Building and the new Visual Arts Building (VAB).

Humanities: Main Art Office, Art Education, Art History, Bobick Gallery, Graphic Design, Painting and Photography
Visual Arts Building:重庆欢乐生肖官方网址 Ceramics, Printmaking and Sculpture

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