Welcome to the Philosophy Program in the College of Arts & Humanities. The Philosophy Program offers courses that enable students to develop skills in critical thinking, reasoning, and judging; to understand the role of premises and inference in ordinary discourse as well as in philosophical argumentation; to recognize and define different world views; and to comprehend the history of Western philosophy in particular.

As a cornerstone of the liberal arts education, philosophy is pertinent to virtually all other undergraduate fields of study. In addition to a major and minor in philosophy, both of which are excellent professional preparation areas of concentration, the program offers a concentration in law and both a concentration and a minor in religion. 重庆欢乐生肖官方网址

Philosophy Programs & Degrees

The Philosophy?Department offers five?programs: Philosophy (B.A.), Philosophy - Religion Track (B.A.), Philosophy - Law and Justice Track (B.A.), Philosophy (Minor), and a Religion (Minor).?

Contact Information

Dr.?Walter Riker
Philosophy Program Director

(678) 839-6512
(678) 839-4849

Location Marker Location Room 2255