Below are different resources for crafting public presentation: 

  • Writing Speeches
    Structuring a Speech:
    • Video of Nancy Duarte's  (from TED Talks)
    Creating an Outline:
    Writing the Speech:
    • Nancy Duarte's article
    • Forbes's 10 Keys to Writing a Speech (PDF)
    • Nick Morgan's article  from Harvard Business School
    • Adam Frankel's article  from Time Magazine
    • page
        •  offers a variety of helpful documents for the different components of speech writing.
  • Preparing for Presentations
    Minimizing Stress:
    • Video of Daniel Levitin's  (from TED-Ed)
    Preparing for a Presentation:
    • Video of Chris Anderson's  (from TED Talks)
    Building Confidence in Public Speaking:
    • Video of Amy Cuddy's  (from TED Talks)
    • Video of Caroline Goyder's  (from TED Talks)
    • Video of Megan Washington's  (from TED Talks)
    Creating the Presentation:
    • : This website helps students turn their ideas into a top-notch presentation. The graphics and presentation style far exceed the traditional PowerPoint presentation.
    • Video of Dan Pink's  (from TED-Ed)
  • Preparing for Job Interviews
    • Scott Dinsmore's TED Talk video
    • Dan Ariely's TED Talk video
    Résumé Writing:
    Job Search Writing:
    • from Owl at Purdue Online Writing Lab
    • from University of Kent
    • from University of Kent
    • from Owl at Purdue Online Writing Lab
    Job Interview Preparation: