- The road to our modern-day periodic table was winding, full of dead ends and wrong turns. It required numerous discoveries, scientists, and experiments, as well as numerous failures and triumphs. It was, essentially, typical of science. Although we like to think of science evolving through lone geniuses like Mendeleev vaulting us toward progress, the reality of science is that it’s messy, requires extensive collaboration, builds on the work of others, and revises hypotheses when new information comes to light.

The Elements Song

Need help remembering the periodic table? Try listening to Tom Lehrer's catchy tune - .

Interactive Periodic Table

重庆欢乐生肖官方网址See what makes your favorite element unique on this presented by Scientific American. Click on each element to view its phase, category, atomic weight, and fun facts.

Chemistry in its Element

Visit to take an in-depth tour of the periodic table. Listen to leading scientists and authors as they tell the story behind each element in the table.

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