Conference Services
University of West Georgia
1601 Maple Street
Carrollton, GA 30118

Fax: 678-839-5073
Email:? jberry@westga.edu

Directions to Campus重庆欢乐生肖官方网址?

Use the registration link below or download, fill out, and email the registration form重庆欢乐生肖官方网址 to our office.?

Reservation Request Form


重庆欢乐生肖官方网址Conference Services?serves as your One-Stop Shop where, with one phone call, all of your?needs including housing, dining, room reservations, technology support, transportation and recreation services will be coordinated.

重庆欢乐生肖官方网址Our Conference Assistants are students at the University of West Georgia during the regular academic year and are dedicated solely to ensuring your conference’s success during the summer conference/camp season. They are all here to make your attendees feel like they are the only guests on campus!

重庆欢乐生肖官方网址University of West Georgia has over 30 years’ experience in hosting successful summer conferences and camps.??Let us attend to the details for you.

Jake Berry?? Conference Services Manager

Theresa Kilgore? ? Conference Services Administration


Conference Services is able to provide you with internet log-ins, audio visual equipment, sound systems, overhead projectors and other multimedia services.? You may also schedule computer labs through our office for instructional?training.?

重庆欢乐生肖官方网址On-campus, your conference attendees may also have access to public surfing stations.? Per request, Wi-Fi may also be available for your group as well.

Parking & Transportation

Our Conference Coordinators will assist with your parking and transportation needs while staying at the University of West Georgia.? We have many spacious parking lots to accommodate participants traveling in cars, by buses or with utility trailers.? We are?also happy to?coordinate on campus busing for your attendees as well as shuttle services for any on or off campus event.? For parking maps and more information

Parking Map
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