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The Legacy Museum:  From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration is situated on a site in Montgomery where enslaved people were once warehoused.  A block from one of the most prominent slave auction spaces in America, the Legacy Museum is steps away from an Alabama dock and rail station where tens of thousands of black people were trafficked during the 19th century.

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, which opened to the public on April 26, 2018, is the nation’s first memorial dedicated to the legacy of enslaved black people, people terrorized by lynching, African Americans humiliated by racial segregation and Jim Crow, and people of color burdened with contemporary presumptions of guilt and police violence.




Dr. MLK, Jr. Week Events

January 21 - 11:00 am
The Carroll County NAACP 24th MLK Parade
Downtown Carrollton
1:00 pm-3:00 pm
MLK Day of Service 

January 21 - 11: am - 1 pm
Interfaith Luncheon
Speaker- Dr. Robert Michael Franklin
UWG Campus Center Ballroom

January 22- 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
11th Annual MLK Program 
UWG Alumni/Affliates Leaving a Legacy in Their Communities and Beyond
UWG Campus Center Ballroom

January 23

Visit to the Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama. Bus leaves from the Campus Center parking lot.

January 24 
Center for Student Involvement Give Back Day
重庆欢乐生肖官方网址Leave a Legacy in our Community! 




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