program. Once this is completed, you will come in for your in-person mock interview, where you will dress as if for a real interview, be interviewed by our staff based on a job description of your choosing, and receive feedback that will help you improve your performance before your job interview. With Career Services, there is no reason to go into a job interview unprepared!

So....What is Interview Stream?

interview.....Click the picture above to find out!!!!

But...that's not the only way we can help you... Introducing the STAR Method.

This is a a method of responding to a behavioral-based interview question.


S- Describe the SITUATION that you were in. Give enough detail for the interviewer to understand.

T- Describe the TASK重庆欢乐生肖官方网址 that you needed to accomplish.

A- Describe the ACTION you took. Don't tell what you might do - tell them what you actually did.

R- What was the RESULT? How did the situation end? What did you accomplish/learn?

Preparing for your interview

  • What to Do
    • Arrive to the interview 10-15 minutes early
    • Speak and answer questions clearly
    • Research the company prior to arriving to the interview
    • Always shake hands before and after an interview
    • Listen carefully to the person(s) name and correct pronunciation
    • Take your time when answering questions. If you need to take a brief pause to think about the question do so no more than 5 seconds
    • Keep your answers focused on employment
    • Sell yourself and experience in a positive way no one else can sell you
    • Be honest and be yourself
    • Ask questions at the end of the interview
    • Write a thank you letter promptly after the interview
  • What NOT to Do
    • Use slang or foul language
    • Arrive at an interview late
    • Call the interviewer by their first name
    • Avoid speaking about personal issues
    • Avoid lying about your experiences… Interviewers can read right through it
    • Take the interview casually it can be insulting to the interviewer and organization
    • Bring parents, friends, or pets to an interview
    • Lie on your job application or resume

Dress for Success

重庆欢乐生肖官方网址First impressions are made in the first 5 seconds. Always wear business attire, unless the employer tells you otherwise. A suit is always the interview uniform. (add a smile with a sprinkle of enthusiasm.) 

 Do’s and Don’ts of Dress for Success

  • What to Do
    • Make sure you clothes are nicely pressed
    • Lean towards the conservative side of style
    • Bring an extra tie, shirt, or pantyhose...just in case
    • Have good hygiene
    • SMILE, make eye contact, and have good posture
  • What NOT to Do
    • Over-Accessorize
    • Wear too gaudy, too short, or too tight clothing
    • Wear loud colors and printed fabrics
    • Use too much cologne/perfume
    • Slouch or cross your arms
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