website to search for and apply for scholarships through UWG. In order to apply for scholarships at the University of West Georgia, you need to have been admitted through the Admissions Office as an incoming freshmen/transfer student OR you will need to already be an enrolled student to apply for scholarships as a current student. However, you are welcome to search scholarship opportunities through this site for information purposes. Some of our scholarships are considered "need-based" and you will need to complete a current to determine your eligibility for these scholarships. 

Departmental Scholarships

Each department keeps a list of the scholarships they offer. To learn more about Departmental Scholarships, you will need to visit the department's website.

Private Scholarships

重庆欢乐生肖官方网址Private scholarships are scholarships offered outside of UWG. You can find private scholarships by:

  • Checking with any group, organization, church, community, etc. that you may be a member of to see if they offer any scholarships
  • Asking your parent's or spouse's employer to see if they offer scholarships you may qualify for
  • Using scholarship search engines search as: or .
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