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Medical care includes professional nursing and physician services, laboratory tests performed in the Student Health Center and medications available in the student pharmacy. Although most illnesses of students can be successfully treated by Health Center personnel, it is sometimes necessary to refer a student to other medical personnel or facilities for special services such as x-rays, surgery, and dentistry. Whenever this occurs, or whenever a student chooses the services of medical personnel or facilities other than those available in Health Center, he or she must assume the cost.  

Many tests done within the Health Center laboratory are included in the student's health fee. Other lab tests done in-house or processed by Carrollton or Atlanta laboratories are charged to the student at cost. X-rays at Tanner Medical Center also are charged to the student.  

Students referred to Tanner emergency room are given an authorization slip by the Health Services staff. Any persons going directly to the hospital or doctor's office are responsible for fees incurred. Students are also responsible for all medical bills incurred during periods when the Health Services is closed, including weekends and holidays.  

Students should remember that, if they are covered by personal or parents' insurance, it is essential that an insurance policy number be in their possession.  

Foreign students are required to have health insurance. For information the student should contact the International Student Advisor in the Student Development Center in Parker Hall (836-6428). 

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